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Our theology labs are designed to be short-term, focused opportunities for topical study, discussion, and reflection. Meant to supplement and support weekly worship and community groups, this round of theology labs will happen once a week on Wednesdays, January 10th-31st, 6:30-8p

Each lab (see descriptions below) will meet each Wednesday for the 4 weeks. You choose one lab that you attend all 4 weeks. The cost for each lab is $10/person and cost includes course materials (books, workbooks, etc.) + $1.50 “service” charge from Ticketleap.

You must register for the lab you are attending online here so that the leader can have materials for you and prepare accordingly. The registration deadline is 12/31. 

Also, childcare will be provided but you MUST RSVP, also by 12/31, by commenting below what age child you will have in childcare.


Peter Scazzero is the founding and current pastor of New Life Church, Queens, New York City. He is also the author the Emotionally Healthy Book series and discipleship course. We will be exploring his book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. In this book Scazzero posits that emotional health is not just a topic for neurotics and therapists, but is a critical component in everyday Christian discipleship. In this book Scazzero skillfully connects emotional health and contemplative spirituality, and posits that the two go together to form the pathway to mature discipleship. So we will explore what is emotional health, and what is contemplative spirituality. Whatever your preconceived notions of these two topics are, we think you will be pleasantly surprised with what they are and how they can develop in each of us, for long term spiritual health and the glory of God.

Led by: Walter Wood & Mark Hammitt


In this lab we’ll be using Tim and Kathy Keller’s book The Meaning of Marriage (and an accompanying video series) to talk about marriage. The goal will be to neither idealize nor be cynical about the institution of marriage, as we talk about the practical realities of married life. Topics addressed will include: service, covenant, roles, singleness, sex and hope. This Lab will be helpful for marrieds, singles and folks in dating relationships.

Led by: the Dupees & the Reitanos


James and Carey Albritton will lead a discussion of this video series by Paul David Tripp. “As Christian parents, the last thing we want is to raise children who are Pharisees—they know all the rules and they obey them on the outside, but their hearts are unchanged. This series has been the most helpful tool is helping us and other parents diagnose sinful heart issues in our children and then deal with them biblically.

Led by: the Albrittons


A lot of times we have the good intention to help people in poverty, but the long-term harms we create along the process may actually outweigh the short-term assistance that we provide.  Or, at times our efforts to help others may actually end up harming ourselves spiritually as well.  Based on the book When Helping Hurts and a video series put out by The Chalmers Center, this theology lab will help us create principles and strategies to help people local and abroad, without causing more harm.

Led by: Mark McEwan & Ryan Zhang

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I’d like to attend “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” and I already have the book. Do I still need to register and pay for another one?

Erin Smith on 12/07/2017

Never mind, I just saw about the workbooks, etc. thanks!

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Don’t forget to RSVP by 12/31!  There are some AWESOME offerings—don’t miss out!

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RSVP deadline is tomorrow, 12/31!  Don’t  miss out on these great labs!

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REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THEOLOGY LABS. See you all on January 10 for the first week of classes!

Jennifer Cronk on 01/09/2018

IF YOU HAVE A CHILD IN CHILDCARE: Their nametag(s) will be pre-printed.  Please grab their nametag(s) BEFORE you deliver them to their room(s).  Nametags will be on a music stand by the back doors (ie: near the main level bathrooms). There will also be a list there of your child(ren)’s classroom location(s).

January 10
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
4400 Floral Avenue
Cincinnati Oh 45212
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