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Missional Motherhood Event

By Nancy Musser in Missional Motherhood 5 months ago | 2307 views
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Join the women of New City in a new ministry for MOTHERS in 2018 — Missional Motherhood Ministry

The PURPOSE of this ministry at New City is to celebrate Christ by engaging and encouraging mothers of all ages as we seek Biblical direction in living intentionally as mothers. To serve Cincinnati by providing an opportunity to connect with our neighborhood mothers.

We will meet at New City on  Saturday, April 7, 9 – 11:30. The format will include coffee & breakfast, a speaker and small group discussion time. 

Come to learn, engage with other moms and be encouraged! There is nothing to prepare or read prior.

APRIL SESSION will focus on teaching the gospel to our children as well as to ourselves with some teaching from Susie Hammitt.

We will have resources and ideas for you-   Come, let’s learn and share together!  

RSVP required on this Event post by Tues, April 3. 

Please RSVP “1” for yourself or more if you are bringing a friend that is not on the City and RSVP for your children IF they need childcare, in the comments.  Even lap babies should be recorded in the comments please so we can keep them in mind for future and/or offer you a spot the day of if the opportunity becomes available.

Lap babies under 7 months can stay with moms

Swap Table- day of  the event only, there will be a table where you can bring anything you want to donate that morning and leave it on the table and take anything you want for free that you can use!  You do not need to bring anything to take something  (baby clothes, unused diapers/formula, kids toys, etc)

Can’t make it to this one? Please stay tuned to future events, one each quarter!

Join The “Missional Motherhood” Group on the The City for updates & info.

Any questions feel free to contact Nancy Musser @ (513) 233-1128 or

RSVP using your Facebook account:

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Discussion about this event

Katie Livingston on 02/25/2018

Alistair (3) and Elin (18 months)

Abby Brown on 02/25/2018

Kate (4), Josh (3), Emmy (1)

Ann Schmidt on 02/26/2018

So sad to miss this one.  We’ll be driving back from vacation that day.

Martha Tamblyn on 02/26/2018

Charlotte (2), Graydon (1)

Natalie Lyndon on 02/26/2018

Luke (almost 18 months), Davis (3)

Kristen Burgess Hagedorn on 02/26/2018

Nadia (1) mary (3)

Stacy Lehman on 02/26/2018

Olivia (6 months)

Stephanie Lyell on 02/27/2018

Jonah (2-but will be 3 April 13:))

Brittany Busch on 02/27/2018

Henleigh (3) Zeke (almost 2)

Megan Frade on 03/01/2018

Josiah (lap baby)

Laura Kern on 03/01/2018

William (3) Lydia (18 mo) Jonathan (lap baby)

Taylor Elder on 03/01/2018

Keyvon (2)

Jessie Taylor on 03/03/2018

Hudson (1)

Cara Leger on 03/04/2018

Bijou 10, Ami 7, Dax 5, Birk 19 mo.

Abigail Zhang on 03/04/2018

CANCEL—We will be out of town. Edmond (11 mos)

Jathniel Shepherd on 03/10/2018

Sam 5, Virginia 3

Jill Jackson on 03/19/2018

Isabelle 9, James 5, Miles 3, calvin 7 month

Ariel Kappa on 03/22/2018

Dietrich (19 months)

Liz McEwan on 03/29/2018

Israel (9), Elsa (6), Edith (4), Joseph (15m)

Nancy Musser on 04/02/2018

Excited to see everyone Saturday!

Becca Strand on 04/02/2018

Yes! Reminder: the deadline for childcare RSVP is tomorrow (Tuesday, April 3rd)!

Natalie Lyndon on 04/02/2018

My friend/coworker is coming with and if there is space, childcare for Luke (4) and Emma (almost 3) would be great!

Laura Kern on 04/02/2018

David can take the kids so I won’t need childcare. Thanks ladies!

Becca Strand on 04/02/2018

Great, thanks ladies!

Rachel Thomas on 04/03/2018

Joshua 7

Lauren 3

Martha Tamblyn on 04/05/2018

I think my kids will be staying at home, too!

Becca Strand on 04/05/2018

Great! Thanks for letting us know. :)

Kristin Boys on 04/06/2018

So sorry, I just realized I never changed my response to No. Sad to miss this one!

Jessie Taylor on 04/06/2018

Hudson is going to stay home with Trent!

Becca Strand on 04/06/2018

Sounds good, thanks Jessie!

Grace Wu on 04/06/2018

I’m so sorry to bow out but Ellie is on spring break and I’d love to savor this last weekend with her before school starts again.

Millie Proctor on 04/16/2018

Where can we find the resource reference for this event? AKA the books that were mentioned. Thank you!

Amy Samad on 04/18/2018

Here are the books that Susie referenced in her talk: 

  • With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God by: Skye Jethani
  • The Practice of the Presence of God by: brother Lawrence
  • Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps to Putting Technology in it’s Place by Andy & Amy Crouch

If you want to learn more about Susie’s family or her ministry, you can go to the website

Please see the posts in the Missional Motherhood group to find the YouTube video that Susie recorded!

April 07
9:00 am – 11:30 am
4400 Floral Ave
Cincinnati OH 45212
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38 people
are coming
Anna Nguyen (FB) (1)

Amy Newkirk (1)

Alisha Loch (FB) (1)

Liz McEwan (1)

Cheryl Ferry (1)

Rachel Thomas (1)

Millie Proctor (1)

Ariel Kappa (1)

Meg Dupee (1)

Jathniel Shepherd (1)

Cara Leger (1)

Diana Sudlow (1)

Jessie Taylor (1)

Leah Hooper (1)

Taylor Elder (1)

Laura Kern (1)

Megan Frade (1)

Sara Smith (1)

Jill Jackson (1)

Kristen Byker (1)

Emily Galloway (1)

Ashley Grice (1)

Brittany Busch (1)

Katie Jumper (1)

Stacy Lehman (1)

Natalie Lyndon (2)

Heather Neuharth (1)

Carey Albritton (2)

Martha Tamblyn (1)

Yoon Kramer (1)

Liz Carr (1)

Becca Strand (1)

Bethany Streitmatter (1)

Abby Brown (1)

Katie Livingston (1)

Nancy Musser (1)

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