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ASH WEDNESDAY | February 14th, 7p

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Ash Wednesday is not a holiday, really, or just the day after Fat Tuesday. It is a wake up call. It confronts us with our mortality and our sinfulness. To heed this call is not to despair, but to repent and turn to God. Ash Wednesday begins the 40 day season of Lent which is to be a season of reflection and preparation for the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

The journey begins with us facing our brokenness and our deep need for God’s healing. 

Lent is a time of repentance, of considering Christ’s sufferings and rethinking how we are called to take up our own crosses. Some of us give up things like chocolate or television during this season as a sort of fasting and others try to integrate something new into their lives, like visiting and serving folks in need, exercising, or praying. It is a good season to rethink how we live and to let some things go, or maybe even to develop some new holy habits. 

We’ll gather for worship at 7pm on February 14th @ the church building.

Children are more than welcome to participate in worship but there will only be childcare for children ages 4 and under. RSVP for childcare below with child(ren)’s name(s) by February 7th.

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Discussion about this event

Cara Leger on 01/16/2018

Childcare Dax (4) & Birk (1)

Paige Reitano on 01/17/2018

Crosley (3)

Gabby Kersey on 01/17/2018

Kyleigh (6 months)

Joshua Reitano on 01/18/2018

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like ashes on your forehead.

Anna Miller on 01/18/2018

Paul (9 months)

Courtney Kaufmann on 01/19/2018

Joseph (3), David/Andrew (2)

Dee Vincent on 01/20/2018

you are quite right Pastor Josh!  – Jn 15:13 - 
"Life is the most valuable object we possess; and when a man is willing to lay that down for his friends or his country, it shows the utmost extent of love… "
Barnes commentary – Jn:15 

Alicia Dill on 01/24/2018

Roman (10 months)

Karina Rice on 01/26/2018

Zeek (6mo)

Jill Jackson on 01/28/2018

Miles (3)

Liz McEwan on 01/28/2018

Edith (4) and Joseph (14m)

Nancy Musser on 01/28/2018

JJ (4), Natalie and Brianna (3), maria (6mo)

Ann Schmidt on 01/29/2018

Maeve (4), Maribel & Liesel (2)

Martha Rodger on 01/29/2018

Gideon (2)

Jathniel Shepherd on 02/01/2018

Virginia (3)

Kim Sauder on 02/06/2018

Linc (3) piper (1)

Kristen Burgess Hagedorn on 02/06/2018

Mary 3 Nadia 1

Taylor Elder on 02/08/2018

Keyvon (22mo) sorry I’m a day late!!

Cody Moorefield on 02/12/2018

Thought we would have childcare for this evening, but turns out we won’t! Paxton 2) would like to join if it’s not too late

Jennifer Cronk on 02/14/2018

Taylor & Cody- you’re on the list 😊 See you tonight!

February 14
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
4400 Floral Avenue
Cincinnati Oh 45212
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Anna Miller (2)

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Gabby Kersey (2)

Paige Reitano (4)

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Cara Leger (5)

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