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2nd Annual New City Men's Retreat | April 20th & 21st

By Brian Ferry in New City Guys 10 months ago | 1971 views
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Men…join us for our 2nd annual Men’s Retreat @ Higher Ground Retreat Center April 20th & 21st. Pastor Shane Terrell will be our featured speaker. 

The registration deadline is Saturday, April 14th! 

We’ll begin by having dinner together at camp at 6:30p and be finished and on our way home before dinner on Saturday. 

Invite some other guys and come on!

*Contact the church office or Deacons if cost is an issue.

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Discussion about this event

Josh Neace on 03/08/2018

Where is West Harrison at?

Josh Neace on 03/08/2018

I’m not paying $41-51. Never mind.

Brian Ferry on 03/08/2018

Josh, if money is ever a concern we can work something out. We don’t ever want money to be an issue.

That being said, the cost includes 3 meals and a night’s lodging. Hardly overpriced. We actually kick in a good portion from the budget (which comes from the generosity of the faithful givers at New City) to make the retreat more affordable.

And if you click the address or the map here on the City a Google map opens up to show you where West Harrison is. 

Brian Ferry on 03/08/2018

Gents, there was a problem with the registration but it’s fixed now. 

And you do need to register via Ticketleap, not just RSVP on here. 

Josh Neace on 03/12/2018

I got a ticket. Don’t have a car, so I’ll ask for a ride here and if that fails, I’ll ask dad for a ride and then there’s Uber. Willing to split gas costs. 56 Woodland Hills Drive #1 Southgate, Kentucky 41071.

Josh Neace on 03/12/2018

Also, do I need to print off the ticket?

Brian Ferry on 03/13/2018

Josh, we’ll work on rides as we get closer. No need to print a ticket.

Adam Smith on 03/18/2018

Looking forward to it.

Tom Byker on 03/19/2018

Out of town that week.

Brian Ferry on 03/22/2018

Gentlemen…there’s no Men’s Summit in April on account of our 2nd Annual Men’s Retreat April 20th & 21st. Registration is OPEN. You do need to register via Ticketleap. CLICK HERE.

Hope you’ll join us! You won’t regret it.

Cody Moorefield on 04/08/2018

I have registered for the manly festivities.  What do I need to bring?  Ax?  Dynamite?  Flame thrower?

Josh Chernesky on 04/09/2018

I’ve registered, but it is highly likely that I will only be able to attend on Saturday.

Russell Proctor on 04/15/2018

Hey there, I have registered.  There are no instructions on what to bring, is there a list somewhere?

David Nguyen on 04/16/2018

Hey I’ll be there.

Is anyone willing to give me a ride there and back? I live in Norwood, OH. My number is 732-318-9002.

Josh Chernesky on 04/19/2018

Russell, you should have gotten a message on the City for what to bring. David, please also check messages or reach out to Pete Self who is organizing a carpool.

David Nguyen on 04/20/2018

Hey Josh Kaufmann is giving me a ride. Thanks for checking in.

Brian Ferry on 04/20/2018

To clarify, dinner is at 6:45p in the dining hall. If you arrive BEFORE then, come on over to dorm 1 to get moved in.

Apr 20 – Apr 21
Friday – Saturday
6:30 pm – 4:30 pm
3820 Logan Creek Ln
West Harrison In 47060
Map It

21 people
are coming
David Nguyen (1)

Russell Proctor (1)

Ryan McIntire (1)

Andy Crooks (1)

Josh Chernesky (1)

Cody Moorefield (1)

Joshua Donath (1)

Dave Dupee (1)

John Tran (1)

Brad Walker (1)

Blake Galloway (1)

JC Lawson (1)

Adam Smith (1)

Troy Hawkins (1)

Joshua Reitano (1)

Josh Neace (1)

Mitch Coppoletti (1)

Jerry Wild (1)

Patrick Clinton (FB) (2)

Dave Shank (1)

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