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Summer Study: Downtown Think & Drink

By Ryan Zhang in New City Presbyterian Church 8 months ago | 322 views
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Join a group of interesting, easy-going people for thought-provoking discussions on relevant contemporary topics, like loneliness and busyness, post-truth society, a question for God, etc.  We will meet over lunch time twice a month, each topic will be announced in advance, and we will read an article related to the topic to get our minds thinking before the meetings.  This is a perfect group to bring your friends and co-workers who are interested in exploring the Christian faith!  You can also tell your friends about our group on Meetup.

Wednesdays @ Noon on June 6th, 20th, July 11th, 25th, and August 8th over lunch @ an eatery downtown | (513) 432-6271

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Discussion about this event

Ryan Zhang on 06/15/2018

In the old days people turned to religions and faith to seek eternal life. We may rely on science and medicine to help us stave off death; one thing that science cannot do is to give us eternal life.
But what if science and technology does offer us eternal life?  There are billionaires, people in Silicon Valley, and even a presidential candidate who are seeking to do just that. Imagine one day we will succeed in making humans fly, or we will all have photographic memory, or we may even get to live on forever…Is this a desirable thing for you? Will we continue to be humans when that happens? Is there really such a thing as “human-nature,” or is it an evolving concept?
Please take some time to read this very interesting article (, and come ready to have some good conversations!

June 20
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
104 E 7th St
Cincinnati OH 45202
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New City is a fairly new church in Oakley (a neighborhood northeast of downtown Cincinnati). We’re excited to tell you the story of what God has done, is doing, and we hope will do with our church. New City is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

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