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Intro to New City Seminar | Saturday, February 3rd 8a-Noon

By New City Church in New City Presbyterian Church 11 months ago | 1272 views
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Our next Intro to New City class is coming up in February!

Intro to New City is a seminar designed to help you get to know the church a little better: hear the story of the church’s origins, our Vision, Values, Beliefs, and Philosophy of ministry, some things that are distinctive about New City, etc. It also provides a basic framework for understanding the gospel, and the church’s role in God’s plan of redemption.

Intro to New City is a pre-requisite to membership at New City, however, attending the seminar does not commit you to membership. It’s something we hope all regulars at New City will experience and if nothing else you get some free food and books!

If you need childcare for the class we will be glad to provide it. Please let us know how many children and their age(s) in your RSVP/comments. 


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Discussion about this event

Tammy Beilke on 01/02/2018

We are finally free on a Saturday morning! 😁 Evan (7 months) and Eliana (3.875)

Amy Samad on 01/02/2018

Tammy, I’m so glad you guys can make it!  

Hannah Leow on 01/08/2018

Aaron and I will be attending along with our son Arbor but he is only 3 months so he can hang with us during the seminar. Thanks!

Amy Samad on 01/08/2018

Hannah, I’m glad you guys will be there!

Stephen Kappa (FB) on 01/09/2018

Ariel and I are looking forward to it.
Our son Dietrich is 16 months old

Cody Moorefield on 01/10/2018

Kirsten and I will be attending, along with Paxton (2.521 yrs) who would love to join the other kiddos in childcare.

Chris Brown (FB) on 01/20/2018

My son Liam and I will be attending. Thanks!

Brandae Sweetland on 01/24/2018

Kyle and I will be there! Selah (2.5) and Rowan (9 mos.) will be coming, too

Bethany Streitmatter on 01/26/2018

I will need to leave 11:45. Is that ok?

Joshua Reitano on 01/27/2018

Sure Bethany. That’s fine. Hopefully we’ll be wrapping up around then too.

Amy Samad on 01/27/2018

Bethany, I’m glad you’ll be there!  Will you need childcare for your boys?

Bethany Streitmatter on 01/28/2018

Amy, thanks for checking. No, I will not have the boys on Saturday, so it will just be me.

Amy Samad on 01/28/2018

Ok, thank you Bethany.  See you on Saturday!

Sara Davis on 01/30/2018

John, Samuel, and Jackson Davis will attend. Thanks.

February 03
8:00 am – 12:00 pm
4400 Floral Avenue
Cincinnati Oh 45212
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39 people
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Amy Samad (1)

Andrew Loenen (1)

Blake Mccormick (1)

Meghan Zuelke (1)

Bethany Streitmatter (1)

Brandae Sweetland (2)

Chris Brown (2)

Austin Jordan (1)

Colin Stapleton (1)

Tash or Tashie Wilson (1)

Aaron Smith (2)

Alyse Capaccio (2)

Curt Cordray (FB) (2)

Julie Egan (2)

Benyameen Ghareeb (2)

Corey Lozier (1)

Becca Geer (1)

Cody Moorefield (3)

Stephen Kappa (FB) (3)

Hannah Leow (3)

Krista Jaeger (1)

Erin Smith (1)

Joshua Reitano (1)

Tammy Beilke (2)

Hannah Shaw (1)

New City Presbyterian Church

New City is a fairly new church in Oakley (a neighborhood northeast of downtown Cincinnati). We’re excited to tell you the story of what God has done, is doing, and we hope will do with our church. New City is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

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