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By Ryan Zhang in New City Presbyterian Church 4 months ago | 1401 views
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This is our 7th year participating in Flying Pig Weekend by CELEBRATING CHRIST in worship and feasting together on Saturday evening, and then SERVING CINCINNATI by staffing a hydration station along the marathon route. 

We are again assigned to mile 10, right here in Hyde Park. We start early (6:30a) but that means we’re done pretty early around 10a. (In time to grab brunch @ the ECHO or Cock & Bull with some other friends who serve).

CLICK HERE to register to serve!

[ The group password is newcityfpm ] 

**YoMUST register with the Flying Pig using the link above.

Please register ASAP.

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Discussion about this event

Brian Ferry on 04/02/2018

Friendly reminder to sign up to serve the runners of our city! 

Note: You MUST register on the Flying Pig volunteer website: 

CLICK HERE to register to serve! 

[ The group password is newcityfpm ] 

Brian Ferry on 04/10/2018

Hey everybody! The registration deadline is coming up before too long! And LAST year we filled up. Let’s fill it up again!

CLICK HERE to register to serve! 

[ The group password is newcityfpm ] 

Terri Schmitt on 04/10/2018

Gary and I are both signed up, and we’ll be there with donuts! Can’t wait!!

Cody Moorefield on 04/10/2018

We want to do this!  But not sure if we can make it by 6:30….Are we still able to serve if we arrive later than 6:30?  Or does that mess up the numbers?  I could come early, and then Kirsten and Pax come later if that helps.  Please let me know how to move forward with this!

Brian Ferry on 04/10/2018

Hey Cody, we’ll start setting up at 6:30a but we won’t have runners in earnest until a bit later. I’d say sign up and be there as soon as you can. One thing you’ll run into after 6:30a is road closures so that could present a challenge. If you come up 71 and get off at Dana you should be far enough north that you can park on Stettinius or Birch without having to cross the course. 

Cody Moorefield on 04/10/2018

Thanks Brian!  Do we need to register kids too?

Brian Ferry on 04/10/2018

Kids under the age of about 10 aren’t allowed to help and in fact I would suggest, if possible, have someone watch kiddos at home. When things get fast and furious it’s totally plausible that a kid wander out into the running traffic and get blown up and/or hurt a runner.

What some folks have done is have one parent register and serve and the other spectate and be on kid duty. 

Joshua Reitano on 04/16/2018

Just registered!

Kevin Newkirk on 04/16/2018

Just registered!

Ryan Zhang on 05/03/2018

Hydration Station volunteers, there was a glitch on the Flying Pig message system, you should have received an email from me this morning regarding the details on Sunday.  Apologies for those who may have received the same email multiple times.

See you on SATURDAY for worship.

May 06
6:30 am – 10:30 am
2523 Erie Ave.
Cincinnati Oh 45208
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38 people
are coming
Chelsea Hintz (1)

Bringing: 1 Pitchers
Ryan Zhang (1)

Bringing: 2 Pitchers
Mark Hammitt (1)

Andy Crooks (2)

Bringing: 1 Leaf Rake
Thomas Lynch (1)

Meghan Nowland (1)

Christian Jaekle (2)

Cody Moorefield (2)

Bringing: 2 Leaf Rake
Danielle Brown (1)

John Tran (3)

Bringing: 1 Dozen Donuts, 1 Pitchers
Max Roy (1)

Bringing: 0 Dozen Donuts, 0 Coffee Container/Jug & cups , 0 Pitchers, 0 Leaf Rake
Emily Huber (1)

Brad Walker (1)

Joshua Reitano (1)

Aaron Shepherd (1)

Bringing: 1 Pitchers, 1 Leaf Rake
Salem Baer (1)

Amanda Hall (1)

Bringing: 1 Pitchers
Emily Topp (1)

Brian Ferry (4)

Stephanie Frank (1)

JC Lawson (1)

Bringing: 2 Granola Bars
Jayme Brower (1)

Bringing: 3 Bunch of Bananas
Sarah Coleman (2)

Bringing: 1 Dozen Donuts
Terri Schmitt (1)

Bringing: 2 Dozen Donuts
Nina Martin (1)

Carrie Farrell (2)

Bringing: 1 Pitchers
Amy Saunders (1)

Jennifer Cronk (1)

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