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Big news…this year we have been moved up from mile 24 up to MILE 10! Right in our neighborhood near Erie & Madison! 

This is our THIRD year now participating in Flying Pig Weekend, a huge event for our fair city, with worship and a potluck on Saturday evening, and then serving the city by staffing a hydration station along the marathon route. 

We start a little earlier this year (6am) since we’re sooner on the course but that means we’re done MUCH earlier (10am). 

CLICK HERE to register to serve! 

[ The group password is newcity ] 

**You can RSVP here but you MUST register with the Flying Pig using the link above

RSVP using your Facebook account:

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Discussion about this event

Joshua Reitano on 02/20/2014

FYI – The group password is newcity (all one word).

Joshua Reitano on 02/20/2014

Sign up quickly, as we’d really like to do a good job and keep this station for future years. A good showing from us will put is in good position for this.

Brian Ferry on 03/17/2014

Hey everybody! Make sure you get registered!

Brian Ferry on 04/08/2014

Hey y’all. We need all hands on deck to serve the runners of our city!

You need to be registered (via the link above) no later than APRIL 24TH! Get registered! We need you!

Joshua Reitano on 04/09/2014

We still need some more folks to help out. It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to participate in one our city’s most important events.

Mark Kramer on 04/10/2014

So if the whole family comes, does everyone need to sign up?  If we do, probably will only be able to count on one volunteering.

Brian Ferry on 04/10/2014

Kids are technically not supposed to be there but can certainly come and spectate nearby the hydration station. :D

So I would suggest one of you register officially and the other can man kids and help as able.

Does that make sense?

Mark Kramer on 04/11/2014

makes sense, thank you.  will you need volunteers there the entire 4 hours or is it okay to volunteer for 2 hours.  First timer here, so don’t know all of the rules, requirements, expectations.

Brian Ferry on 04/11/2014

The majority of action will happen in the first few hours but we really need folks to stay as long as they can because the clean up is pretty critical as well.

Brian Ferry on 04/14/2014

Come on! Get registered!

Joshua Reitano on 04/23/2014

Doing pretty well. Could still use a few more volunteers.

Robin Voter on 04/30/2014

I’m making a last minute trip to Houston this weekend (surprising my dad for his 60th), so Leah Hooper’s taking my spot and bringing my Bunch o’ Bananas. Wish I could be there!

Andy Crooks on 05/01/2014

I will be there but I did not register. Boom!

Joshua Reitano on 05/01/2014

Boom indeed.

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Jathniel Shepherd on 05/02/2014

Are there any restrictions on what we can bring to the hydration station as volunteers? Are  things like backpacks/bags and bottled water allowed?

Brian Ferry on 05/02/2014

I’ve not seen anything regarding restrictions.—
Grace & peace,
(513) 289-3630
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Dee Vincent on 05/02/2014

I didn’t respond yes to this but I’ve been following it just in case, I can come- (I quit promising I’ll do stuff because it seems like every time I do something happens & I wind up making a liar out of myself)- 
Cincinnati tightens security for upcoming Flying Pig
May 04
6:00 am – 10:00 am
2537 Erie Ave
Cincinnati oh 45208
Map It

29 people
are coming
Andy Crooks (1)

Abbie Driscoll (1)

Peter Blankenship (1)

Anna Leichter (1)

Brian Simons (2)

Jill Jackson (1)

Abby Garay (2)

Laura Kern (2)

Bringing: 1 Dozen Donuts
Mark Kramer (1)

Kristen Burgess Hagedorn (1)

Alicia Clinton (2)

Bringing: 1 Pitcher
Mary Gray (1)

Bringing: 1 Pitcher
Marlana Bates (1)

Bringing: 1 Bunch o' Bananas/Fruit
Pete Merkelz (1)

Bringing: 1 Rake
Jathniel Shepherd (1)

Bringing: 1 Pitcher, 1 Rake
Robin Voter (1)

Bringing: 1 Bunch o' Bananas/Fruit
Kirstie Rheinheimer (1)

Bringing: 1 Box o' Granola Bars, 1 Pitcher
Gabby Kersey (2)

Bringing: 1 Pitcher
Marcy Larson (2)

Bringing: 1 Pitcher
Ben Frade (1)

Megan Frade (1)

Bringing: 1 Box o' Granola Bars
Joshua Reitano (1)

Bringing: 1 Dozen Donuts
Brian Ferry (1)

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