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LONDON MISSION TRIP | July 1-9, 2018

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What are you doing this summer? We’d love to have you join us on our New City mission trip to London for LEAP (London Evangelism and Prayer).


London is home to the world’s largest group of immigrant Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. Their home countries are a part of the 10-40 window; places that receive very few (if any) missionaries. These countries stretch across North Africa, India and Southeast Asia; their strict religious laws, poverty, political unrest and/or oppressive governments make it extremely difficult to reach people with the good news. Since 1990, Serge (formerly World Harvest Mission) has pursued the vision of planting churches among South Asian immigrants in London to act as a launching pad for the Gospel to people who would otherwise never hear the Gospel!

New City is connected to a church called New Life Masih Ghar in the Southall neighborhood of London. We’ll be working with folks from this church all week while we’re there.


Same Language, Vastly Different Culture:  LEAP is an amazing step inside the 10-40 window. In London, you’ll get cutting-edge exposure to South Asian cultures while still speaking English!

Real Encounters, Real People:  With a sensitive & relational approach, you will have conversations with Muslims and Hindus; asking them “What do you believe?” and being able to share how the Good News of Jesus has changed your life.

No Experience Needed or Assumed:  We do NOT expect you to have previous experiences in cross-cultural evangelism or to be bold, outgoing, salesmen-type personalities. We DO, by God’s Grace, expect to see King Jesus do a new work through willing people! 

New Eyes For Your Neighborhood:  You’ll spend time learning about, praying for and interacting with the BRITISH Indians & Pakistanis, giving you new insights about how to reach their AMERICAN counterparts, who already are, and increasingly will be, YOUR neighbors and friends.

The LEAP 2017 promotional video is located HERE (password: southall) See also this compelling video about mission to unreached people groups.


Who can go? Youth and adults are encouraged to attend.

Trip Cost: The cost for LEAP is $925 (this includes room, most meals, and ministry-related transportation). Our airfare will cost approximately $1,500 (though the sooner you’re IN, the sooner we can lock in your price — the sooner the better for good pricing). Total cost: $2,425

Raising Support: We encourage trip participants to raise money from friends, family and church family who would like to help you take part. We’ll train you in how to craft a support letter and brainstorm contacts. Gifts made will be tax deductible. Support raising is a great way to let others participate with you in mission, and it can defray all or some of your trip cost.

When do I need to decide? As soon as you think you’re IN, we can lock in your airfare price. a $200 deposit is due on January 29 and another $725 is due on March 4. We’d like to have the team locked in by Jan 29 but you could back out by March 4, and only lose the $200 deposit.

If you are at all interested, please contact Pastor Josh by email or message on The City. And come to our next meeting on 11/27.


Monday 11/27 – Dinner Meeting at Baba India (6:30pm). Theme: Exploring the possibility of going. Support Raising.

Sunday 01/07 – Lunch Meeting at New City (12:30pm). Theme: Support Raising and Prayer.

Monday 01/29 – 7pm at New City. Theme: Team Building and Prayer. $200 Deposit and LEAP Application due. Work on getting a valid passport.

Sunday 03/04 – 5pm at New City. Theme: Sharing the Gospel. $725 due.

Sunday 04/15 – 5pm at New City. Theme: Cultural Resources. $750 due.

Sunday 05/20 – 5pm at New City. Theme: Spiritual and Devotional Encouragement. Remainder of airfare $ due (will vary from person to person)

Sunday June 24 – Prayer and Commissioning at the 10:45am worship gathering

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Kristin Parson

Pastor Josh, I am almost certain that my daughter and I are in. However I am a bit confused. It says London but when I watched the video it seems to be somewhere outside of England.
Thank you,
Kristin Parson
On Nov 7, 2017, at 2:59 PM, Joshua Reitano on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

Joshua Reitano

It is London, Kristin. The first video is about LEAP. The second is more generally about unreached people groups (not London-specific, but highlighting the importance of mission trips like this).

Glad to hear you guys are interested. Please make note of the pre-trip meetings, and we’ll see you guys at the one in late November.

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