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B2B MAZATLAN | Rancho De Los Ninos Facility Dedication 7p 5/10

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Many of us New Citians have traveled to Mazatlan, others sponsor children, some still are hoping to go at some point. Sunday night we have the opportunity to participate in a celebration via the internet with one of our primary ministry partners. See below.


Join in the celebration!

For the past two years, Back2Back staff, donors, visiting mission guests, and staff architect, Adam Gellenbeck, have come together to prepare, build, and provide new homes for sixteen vulnerable children at Rancho de los Niños Children’s Home. Detailed blueprints, tons of concrete, gallons of paint, and a great deal of teamwork went into each home as the children watched on, excited for all the ways they were feeling known and loved.

What began as a plot of land covered in dirt is now where children like Victor will have doorways wide enough to fit his chair through with ease. What were just rooms being painted will soon be where tables host family-style meals. There are brighter bedrooms for them to rest in, larger showers to accommodate their needs, and space for every child to receive, and live in, family-style care that will help each of them succeed.


To look at the buildings, with fresh paint and new furniture, is to see God’s provision on display. A provision that would not be possible without your consistent, generous giving. To those of you who poured concrete, who painted walls, who prayed over land and then new buildings, to those of you who gave financially, who offered sacrificially, who hugged vulnerable children and prayed across country lines, we thank you. We celebrate you. We call out victory alongside you. And to each of the vulnerable children at Rancho de los Niños, we joyfully say, welcome home!

Join in the celebration. Watch this Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern Time (5:00pm Pacific Time) on Facebook Live to see the dedication of the new homes at Rancho de los Niños.


We’re excited to watch the dedication on Sunday. In the meantime, check out this video from earlier this spring to get a behind the scenes look at what’s gone into making this day possible!


Prayer is essential in the work God is doing around the world. Join in praying for specific needs in Haiti, India, Mexico, and Nigeria. You are making a difference in the lives of children through prayer. Thank you!

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