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Yardwork at Lydia's House

By Ryan Zhang in Norwood Neighborhood 8 months ago | 2836 views Link:

New City Neighbors,

Lydia’s House is a home for women-in-need and single-moms with children in Norwood (learn more here:  Many of you have volunteered to help them to turn an old building into more housing units. 

The staff at New City have recently visited their office and learned more about what they do, and we would love to see more New City people getting involved to support their work in Norwood.  One tangible way for us to partner with them is help them with yard work over the summer.  If you would like to spend some time outdoor during the summer (bring your kids if they would like to come along!), please consider signing up to help with some of the following items.  Just comment below or send me a message, and I will put you in touch with them!


  • Mow front and back yard at 2024 Mills
  • Mow front and back yard at 2005 Mills
  • Edge driveways, sidewalks and flower beds with weed whacker
  • Water with hose/sprinklers as needed
  • Weed garden beds as needed
  • Prune plans as needed


  • Top dress and patch bare spots in back yard at 2024 Mills (Spring)
  • Rake, weed and mulch front garden beds at both properties (Spring)
  • Rake up leaves (Fall)

 Optional Niceties:

  • Install bird feeder (s)
  • Plant perennials
  • Install hanging baskets

Donations of mulch, weed spray, plants and optional niceties would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, New City!


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Kristen Burgess Hagedorn

Ryan – would we need to bring mower or do they have?

Ryan Zhang

Great question, they have almost all the equipment you will need, including mowers!

Abby Murrish

I’d be happy to help weed the garden beds. 

If you’re interested in reading more about Lydia’s House, here’s a wonderful profile with one of the founders.

JC Lawson

Would love to help mow/edge

Ryan Zhang

Thank you all, I am sending out an email to connect you with the Lydia’s House people. 

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